Monday, September 7, 2009

Animation Shorts and Tests

Below is a collection of my animation, motion graphics and some VFX.
Thanks for watching.

Circle, Square, MOOSE!!!
Animated half of this trailer for the HarperCollins book, work

Mothman run and jump test- I made this on an iPad drawn with my finger. A Fingermation!

Cows V Aliens (CVA) Animatic

Cryptid Kraken Awakens- AR Animation

Dominion of Smoke- Probably one of the stranger pieces I have ever done. Mainly an exercise using Toon Boom Harmony trying to push the 3D camera to its limits. I REALLY need to change the sound.

Toon Boom Harmony Dialogue test using a sound clip from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou."

AAU Fall Animation Festival Stinger- Animatic/ Motion Graphic Animation

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